Sunday, June 18, 2006

Screening out male babies

Doctors want to screen out embryos with autism

Look at the title of that article. Its very misleading. It makes it appear that doctors have some kind of clever genetic test for autism that can be performed on an embryo. They don't. All they are going to do is stop male embryos being born to parents from families with a history of autism.

For one thing, if doctors - for whatever reason - in the UK were asking to screen out female embros, there would be outrage. Secondly, at the very LEAST it would be seen as a highly charged WOMEN'S issue, and reported as such. But the fact that this is a MEN'S issue is totally hidden by the way the newspaper reports it. This happens all the time. Men's consciousness is diverted away from realising when various subjects are MEN'S ISSUES that give them a common interest to their fellow man. Lastly, this really is a slippery slope that will gradually lead us to designer babies. The case for avoiding children being born with autism is one thing, but what about avoiding children being born with aspergers syndrome - the less severe form of autism that results in a sort of 'geeky' personality?


Davout said...

Many famous people were thought to have Asperger's syndrome, Einstein, Newton and Euler included. In fact, I would bet that the majority of people who have made a name for themselves scientifically have had Asperger's. Since it affects predominantly men, wouldn't it be ironic if women were made to pay a 'civilization creation' tax to men, as homage to all those 'geeky' Asperger's syndrome men?

Angsty Crayon said...

I have Aspergers! Are they saying I'm inferior because of it?

Fidelbogen said...

Okay, I know. Currently this is about autism. But I cannot
resist sharing the following, which is about Asperger's.

Enjoy your cream of aspberger's soup, blokes! :-)

Anonymous said...

There is a strange twist in Canada and perhaps in the US about screening out female embryos. If the woman chooses to abort female embryos, it is supported by feminist because it is the woman's choice. This happens with immigrants who carry traditional values and value male children over female children. It just shows feminists are misogynists.