Sunday, June 04, 2006

Beware the sperm catchers

The former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has just become a proud single mum. She is not unique. As Zoe Brennan reports, more and more middle-class women are making a positive decision to tackle parenthood alone

Geri Halliwell, you may remember, was one of the Spice Girl group who produced crappy pop-music, and popularized the term 'girl power'. One of her most, er, memorable stage entrances involved her walking out of a giant vagina inbetween two giant spread legs constructed on a stage. Real classy.

So now we have yet more 'single mother by choice' pride.

I predicted this trend ages ago: as women find it harder to buy sperm (men are becoming more reluctant to donate sperm as the law now allows children conceived in this way to know who their father was once they reach 18) women will become more cunning and amoral in the ways that they procure the sperm.

Check out this woman:

"One woman, who admitted to pursuing a man purely for his sperm and now receives a £346.50 (approx. $605) monthly “bonus” from him, says: “It means he can’t get a mortgage, but I don’t care, he wasn’t very nice to me — if he’d behaved better I might have let him stick around.”

SHE was the one who pursued him purely for his sperm, yet she now rationalises his financially slavery to her because he wasn't "nice".

And not once in the article is any serious concern given to the future of these children with no daddy. Once the money and 'fashion' (single motherhood is now no longer 'frowned upon' therefore its fashionable and okay) concerns are dealt with, two out of three women admit to no longer seeing any problem in deliberately creating a child without a daddy.

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darkbhudda said...

I can imagine the conversation...
Her: Give me £346.50 a month for the next 18 years.
Him: No
Her: Well that's not very nice.

Women always come up with ways to justify how they deserve the stolen money. Not "nice". I'm surprised she didn't claim he was an abuser. Actually, I'm not. She doesn't need to. We've gone so far along that a guy not giving into every single demand of these greedy whiners that they don't even need to use that card.

"...if he’d behaved better I might have let him stick around."
Might? I guess she would have let him stick around if it was more than £346.50 a month.