Saturday, May 20, 2006

Surplus of career chicks

There's definitely a surplus of 30-something career chicks in the area I live. There's a city about 20 miles from me which is well known for being what the Americans call 'liberal', and is full of gay men. Basically its like the UK's version of San Francisco. This undoubtedly makes life even harder for the 30-something single career chicks who live there. There seem to be hoards of them looking for dates.

Yet they still all believe they should be treated as 'princesses'.

I wonder how many more years it will take them to realize they've priced themselves out of the game?


Davout said...
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Davout said...

Doesn't look like the career hoochies are too "bright in" this place. Then again, they aren't much brighter anywhere else either.