Friday, May 12, 2006

Feminism has unleashed female sexuality but wants men to pay the price

In today's post-feminist society a 12 year old girl gets pregnant and receives sympathy and support, while her 15 year old boyfriend is prosecuted. (see HERE for Duncan's post on it). As usual the male is punished for the consequences of the liberation of the female's erratic sexuality.

There are now no constraints on women and girl's sexual behaviour, and most of them do not seem to have the understanding and self-control to moderate their own behaviour for their own good. Feminists understand this, but for ideological reasons they don't want ANY constraints or rules placed on women and girls. They don't even want females to take personal responsibility. Hence their only responses to the consequences of women's licentious behaviour is to make more and more oppressive demands on men and boys to take total responsibility. Feminists will never show any sadness for men who have been falsely accused of rape. In fact, they mostly seem to gloat about it and say that it a good thing as its served a greater good. The only response from feminists when faced with the growing numbers of young girls who get pregnant or are indulging in casual sex (not just standard sex, but oral and anal sex) is to call for more 'education' on sex in schools. They are now even pushing for children as young as 5 to receive sex education. There is not one shred of evidence that this will help these kids to control themselves sexually. In fact, the evidence seems to suggest that it ends up making them MORE curious to try out sex.

Feminists are devoted to giving women and girls license to act however they like when it comes to sex as they know that this, more than any other single thing, is the ultimate acid to dissolve the family unit. Men do not feel passionately motivated to nuture and protect a woman if she is a slut. Nor do they feel comfortable about bringing up her children if they are not sure that they are even genetically theirs - women who have a tendency to sleep around cannot necessarily be trusted. Equally, young women who have spent 10 or 20 years of their lives sleeping around with one man after another will not easily commit to one man. They will not find it hard to dump him. And finally, unleashing women's and girl's sexuality and letting them behave in whatever reckless way they like usually results in them choosing to date and sleep with the 'bad boys' rather than the good, responsible men. This discourages boys from becoming responsible, as they know the girls will only view them as boring, and ignore them.

Once feminists push men away from committing to the family, they succeed in cutting a bond that ties many men into society, into having something to work for, and into caring about the future of society. Whilst the top stratum of men are able to thrive outside of the institution of marriage, many flounder, and become very morose, nihilistic and apathetic. Many young women loose their respect for men as they feel they don't directly need them, as the racket of state funding will take the money away from the men and give it to them, without the need for marrying a man. The mantra of the 'independent woman' spreads, and rather than seek a responsible man to commit to, the young women fritter away their fertile years looking for men who can 'make them laugh': ie a joker.

So, lets take a brief inventory of the pros and cons of the two systems: the patriarchal system of control of women's sexual behaviour, and of the promotion of the nuclear family, and the matriarchal system of female sexual licentiousness, and of the single-mother culture.

Patriarchal system:

Pros: motivates boys and men to work and study hard; gives men a real connection to both the family, society and makes them feel invested in the future of society (because they care for their children, who will carry THEIR name); lower taxes; less crime (fewer aimless young men); less suicide; healthier, better cared for and loved children (because you have more nuclear, two-parent families.) etc

Cons: Feminist women get their knickers in a twist because they get irritated at the idea of ANY form of constraint on women's sexual behaviour. (Actually, this is only a 'con' from their point of view); more pressure is put on men to marry, and there is less casual sex available to young men.

Matriarchal system:

More casual sex for those who want it.

Higher taxes; more crime; more abortions; more injustices towards men; less inclusion of men in the family; more f**ked up children; boys and men feel apathetic and don't want to study and work as hard, hence not so much progress in society. etc

Hence, all round, the liberation of girls to act like sluts has many bad and nihilistic consequences for society.


Davout said...

Well said, Darren. In fact, several of the modern dating gurus tell men to become these 'jokers' in order to curry the sympathies of the modern female.

It's time for men to put the kaibosh on these pretenders who are really acting as advertising agencies that give dates to girls they otherwise wouldn't have gotten.

Captain Zarmband said...

It should be remembered that Feminists are not pro-women, they are actually anti-men. This is why everything they say and do is designed to screw up men's lives not enhance women's. All serious studies show that both men and women are more unhappy today than we've ever been. This is the result of the post-feminist society created be the anti-male brigade. Just examine what the say on feminist websites and in their books, it's just a diatribe of spite aimed at men. There is very little in the way of constructive debate. Feminism is a cancer that has eaten away at the core of our society and its creators want it that way simply because they hate men.

Corporate business, the media and controlling big governments have used Feminism to enhance their own power and influence. It suits these groups that the power in society is held by confused females who run around like headless chickens trying to find happiness. These females can be manipulated into the belief that this Eldorado of happiness can be achieved by buying a product, watching Oprah or voting for power-hungry politicians. They fall for this every time and as a consequence our basic human rights trickle away year by year. We've also become slaves to mindless consumerism that rips us off at evry opportunity and keeps us on the wage-slave treadmill. This is also achieved by the taxation needed to fund sexually reckless females who think it's empowering to behave like a trollop.

Feminism must go or our society is doomed to destruction.