Sunday, May 14, 2006

Duncan on lads mags

Duncan has a good post up at the moment on Lads Mags.

Its interesting how in the last 10 years these magazines have become ever more strange, 2-Dimentional and out of touch with the average man. They seem to consist of endless fashion sections and photoshopped images of perfect looking naked or semi-naked babes in lesbian poses with eachother. Then I realised that this must be because the only people who would now waste their money on this trash are gay/metrosexual fashion-freaks, and the most retarded/poverty-striken men who can't access the Internet and must resort to a magazine to see some naked babes.

Of course, 'lads mags' are just a tiny niche of publications that men read, whereas women's magazines ARE what women read. For example, 9 times out of 10 if a man is going to buy a magazine it will be one like New Scientist, Computer Weekly, Empire, Top Gear, etc. In other words a magazine about a particular area of interest. Whereas the women's magazines are legion - take a look in a supermaket magazine section, there are litterally about 100 or more of these general women's magazines, next to about 5 men's ones. These magazines cover a general mix of subjects like fashion, celeb gossip, beauty, hair, and silly articles that relate everything to sex (eg ' how X (insert topical news item) can spice up a woman's sex life'). There are *SOME* more specific women's magazines, but all these do is take up one of the aforementioned subjects and focus on them a bit more. Shockingly there is even a magazine for women entirely devoted to the subject of hair. I kid you not.

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