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Career Women Increase Inequality

The more astute readers will have already realised that the trend over the last 3 decades of large numbers of 'career women' has INCREASED inequality in society as a whole.

From Victorian times until the early 70s (and especially from the late 1940s till the 70s) we had a great system of growing meritocracy: the ability of people to succeed based on their own hard work and talents rather than from what class they were born into. This is a great system not only for those people who are able to escape their lowwer class backgrounds but for society as a whole because it becomes MORE efficient and productive when it taps into the hitherto hidden talents of people born into working class families. This system is JUST and it offers people Equality of opportunity.

Now, heres something you don't often hear - because the media don't want the herd mind to wake up to it - when men advance in a meritocratic society it enhances the spread of wealth in society EVEN MORE because the working class men who climb up the ladder and build wealth for themselves are usually perfectly willing to marry a poorer woman, and hence lift her out of poverty too.

But since the early 70s we have had growing inequality, the meritocratic system is dying, and , for most people, the wealth of your family background is now MORE important in your chances of climbing up the ladder than it was 40 years ago.

Its no co-incidence that this has happened at the same time as the feminisation of education. In 1974 about twice as many young men as young women attended University in the UK, now it is the other way around and about one-and-a-half times as many women as men attend university.

But look a bit closer and you will see that this is a massive step BACKWARDS for a fairer society:

1. By far the majority of this growth in young women going to university has been in young women from the middle class and WEALTHIER backgrounds, NOT the working class girls, or boys. The girls from the middle class and wealthy backgrounds are given all kinds of advantages now over the working class boys in the climb up the ladder, not least of which is the feminisation of the schools, and the fact that the education a middle class girl will receive at a private girls school will give her a massive edge over that which the working class boy gets in the increasingly feminised and incompetant state school system. In effect, the middle class girls have been given a free lift up the ladder and are now stomping on the working class boys fingers as they block them from climbing up.

2. When these middle class or wealthy young women seek to marry or find a partner they do NOT tend to go for poorer men, but other middle class or even richer men. This means that wealth is further concentrated in smaller numbers of high-earning duel-income households.

3. For almost every top career woman with children, there are at least one, maybe several working class women who must act as her Nanny, housekeeper, shopper and so on. Its almost like we are returning to the old class system of the Victorian era.

4. The existance of these elite, high-earning duel-income households drives up living costs for everyone, especially in the way it pushes up property prices. This means everyone has to work harder just to stay at the same standard of living, and is also - particularly in the UK - increasing the cost of property so much that its becomming very hard for young people to even get on the property ladder. A nation of 'haves and have nots' is being created, with the property-owning class being able to get richer and richer while those who rent are often struggling harder and harder each year just to keep afloat. There is also a growing elite, mainly from London, of career couples who are buying up second and even third properties, often in pretty coastal towns, as summer holiday retreats. This has, in some cases, gutted out these towns as the property prices are pushed up so high that the young people can no longer afford to live there, and through most of the year large swathes of the houses lay empty, all this results in services like schools, shops and even fire stations having to close down as they become an uneconomical proposition.

When you have a metitocratic system, the people who were traditionally stuck at the bottom of society, even if talented and industrious, created greater wealth for themselves and society at large. This was particularly true of working class men, who when in a good job would then also lift a woman up the ladder with him, and often support a number of children in a good, stable upbringing. All this was good for the individuals involved, and helped glue together communities and society at large. But now you have a system of middle class women marrying (even if they do marry) other middle class or upper class men, forming elite couples who tend to be either childless or have only one child. There are also legions of career women who never even couple-up with a man permanently and start a family. So wealth gets concentrated in a smaller number of hands, and is not used to build families. Property prices and the cost of living explode and communities die.

The two main 'fixes' that governments have used to cover-up these problems are about as effective as a small band-aid over a large wound:

1. Equality Quotas: rather than equality of opportunity, we have enforced equality where its not the best person who gets the job, but the one who is the least male and least pale. White men not wanted. This not only makes society less efficient, but it makes people bitter and de-motivated as they see the system is not fair.

2. Governments have turned the other way while large numbers of immigrants have flooded into the country. This is particularly true, and a particular problem in the UK. In order to make up the numbers of career women who drop out to have children we have to import workers. Imagine how much of a problem this becomes when in the tax-payer funded health system the majority of medical students are female (its around 60% already). What happens if one year even 10% of those female doctors decide to have children, many of them to go on MONTHS of maternity leave, many of them to never return to the profession. Train a man to become a doctor and society gets 40+ years of service, plus a good stable family. Train a woman and you get, in many cases, 10 years of service, maybe a small family, but more often than not a divorce and the associated problems of then having to bring in another Doctor from somewhere to replace her.

We have also let in so many working class men immigrants into the UK that the wages for working class British men have, in many cases, been driven right down. A young man from Eastern Europe who comes over here is willing to work for less, usually because even a low wage from this country will go WAY further in his own country (where he is sending the money back to, or where he will plan to return in a few years) as the cost of living and property is not so extortionately high there.

In conclusion, educating more young middle class women into positions of top careers has degraded communities, society, the family and has blocked opportunities for the working class, particularly men.

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