Friday, April 28, 2006

Thousands of men die yearly trying to escape the matriarchy

I watched a report on this on the news the other night. Its very sad. Thousands of African men each year die trying to get into Europe by crossing the Atlantic sea between Africa and the Canary islands (which are owned by Spain, but geographically far nearer to Africa).

Who can blame these men? Many African countries are matriarchies, where women have no sexual constraints, and therefore give birth to many illegitimate children, and hence kill off the role of the father, which is pretty essential it seems for civilization and advancement. The economic prospects are poor for these men. In a way they are like heroes. Trying desperately to flee the almost stone-age life of poor people in Africa for the wealth and opportunities in Europe. We may think we have it bad here, but we've a lot further to sink until we reach the level of Africa.

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