Friday, April 21, 2006

Consider her ways

The sadly fogotten litterary genius John Wyndham once wrote a short story called 'Consider her ways' about a future in which only women exist. Rather than being feminist propaganda, the tale depicts a nightmarish world in which women have split off into two almost totally destinct species: the breeders (or 'mothers', who are grossly fat and spend their whole lives in bed, pregnant) and the leaders.

With many women now saying they want to retreat from the working world to become full time housewives while other women are becomming more masculine and driven than ever, perhaps the bifurcation envisaged by Wyndham could be a portent of our near future.

Perhaps with a realisation that not every woman can have it all, some women will choose to try and become as masculine as possible in order to compete in the workplace. We've already had reports from a London doctor that he has given some female politicians testosterone shots to help them become more confident and driven.

Who knows?

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